''I would like to express my admiration and my deepest respect for those who, throughout these difficult years, overcoming the obstacles along their way, have worked to keep alive the memory of our war, of our 3 years of unequal fight to defend the progress and democracy embodied by the Republic, which had been finally achieved by our people after decades of struggle and sacrifice.  Amongst the indifference and the hostility from so-called democratic countries, whose governments should have helped us (only the Soviet Union and Mexico did) I would like to point out the solidarity of the working class from all over the world which was reflected on the glorious International Brigades.  Their intervention, fighting together with our combatants, was decisive, from the very first battles in our capital, Madrid, through the battle of the Ebro.  Their heroism and the high losses they suffered should one day be written on golden letters in our history books.  

When it comes to the efforts to recover historical memory, I would like to highlight the work of the Asociación de Amigos de las Brigadas Internacionales, which is constantly organizing commemorative events and tributes to remember the thousands of men and women who came from so many different countries and gave their lives in our fight against Fascism.

I would particularly like to single out my affection and admiration for the President of this Association, Almudena Cros, who has been working for years in this field and who combines her role in organizing their events with guided tours of the main sites in Madrid where the events of the Spanish Civil War took place. 

Aside from being a historian specialised in the defense of Madrid,  Almudena is an exceptional polyglot - she speaks perfect English - and has managed to turn these visits into an experience which is equally instructive and pleasant, thanks to her knowledge and her great effervescent personality. 

I recommend her guided tours both to tourists and to Spaniards alike visiting Madrid and with an interest in our war and the role of the International Brigades in the defense of our capital.'''

Patricio Azcárate Diz, veteran of the Spanish Civil War as a translator for the International Brigades in 1938 on the Ebro front.