Prado Museum Tour from Across Madrid

Master Class at the Prado

This 3 hour Master Class in the Prado Museum will save you time trying to navigate the rooms and help you focus on key artworks as we explore and discuss the highlights of the collection.

Learn about exquisite 15th-century panels produced in the Low Countries, the artistic revolution of the Venetian Renaissance, and the significance of the art produced by Spanish masters such as Velazquez and Goya. The story of how this collection was formed is crucial to our understanding of Spanish history and politics. ...

We explore themes such as patronage, history of taste and fashion and artistic techniques. Together, we decipher the underlying messages and the artistic legacy from Old Masters that are contained within a selection of paintings. We decode the layers of meaning and discuss the inspiration behind some of the masterpieces in this world-class Museum.

This is a truly engaging learning experience designed and led by a fully qualified Art History university professor, Dr. Almudena Cros (BA Hons, MA, PhD Warwick University), with extensive teaching experience and specialist knowledge.  Almudena has lived in Venice and Rome, so she is very familiar with Italian art and culture.  Her Master's degree was on Venetian Art, one of the strengths of the Prado collection, which includes seminal works by Titian and Tintoretto.

The Prado is our classroom, and you will thoroughly enjoy this interactive lesson. You will come out with a new appreciation for Art.

Length: 3 hours. Maximum group size: 6 people.

Group tour prices
Please note that we can only run a group tour when we have a minimum of 2 people booking the tour.  Price per person decreases according to the number of people booking:
2 to 3 people: 70 euros per adult
4 people: 60 euros per adult
5 people: 55 euros per adult
6 people: 50 euros per adult

Discounted rates:
60 euros for students
50 euros for children under 18 (children under 4 free of charge)

Private tour prices
If you would like a guaranteed private tour, a supplement of 50 euros will be added to the total price. For example, the cost for a private tour for 1 adult will be 70 plus 50 euros = 120 euros, and a private tour for 2 people will be 140 plus 50 euros = 190 euros.

If you are a solo traveler and you want to book a group tour but nobody else signs up, we will run a private tour costing 120 euros.

Family Special offer
For family units of up to 6 members, including 2 or more children: 220 euros flat fee per family. This is a guaranteed private tour.

Prado Museum admission tickets: 15 euros per adult - NOT included in the price.
Please bring your passport to qualify for a reduced entrance fee to the Museum (over 65 years old, children under 18 or students under 26 with a valid College or University ID)

No hidden charges: 21% VAT included in our prices.

Note: The Prado Museum does not allow photography inside the building.

Available days and starting times:
Please note that advance booking is required to ensure availability. As a small company, we can rarely accommodate last-minute bookings, particularly during the high season. It is best to book early to avoid disappointment.

These are our suggested starting times:
Monday through Sunday including holidays: 10:30 or 14:30.

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