Madrid Briefing
Introducing Madrid
Madrid in the Spanish Civil War
Prado for Children
Madrid Tapas Culture
Food, Wine, and The City’s Soul
Prado Museum
Master Class at the Prado
Madrid for Children
Searching for the Bear of Madrid
Sorolla & Lazaro Galdiano Museums
Art in Madrid’s Mansions 1900-1920s
Rising Against Oppression
From the absolute monarchy to freedom
Treasures of Iberia
Master Class at the Archaeological Museum

Welcome to Across Madrid Cultural Tours!

Come with us on a journey through the rich history and artistic legacy that is to be found in the architecture, museums and galleries across the city of Madrid. The unique concept of Across Madrid was developed by art historian Dr. Almudena Cros, who has designed each walk to provide an experience of the highest quality. Expect to connect with new ideas, fresh themes, the latest interpretations, and depth of insight. Alongside this, Prof. Cros will ensure you have a flexible and fun experience, enriched by the latest insiders' tips and practical information.

Across Madrid’s fourteen different itineraries cover more than five centuries of Madrid’s history. We take you back to its origins and into its rich and complex present. Detail and perspective are brought together for a better understanding of the city. Each walk or Master Class can be customized to your needs and interests, depending on the size of the group.



Madrid Briefing

We share our insider knowledge and family traditions with you as we walk through the historic centre and take in the sights and flavours around us.

Madrid Tapas Culture

Explore with us the flavour and history of local food through tapas culture! Madrid’s tapas are also an exciting way to discover the character of the city.


Madrid for Children

Searching for the Bear of Madrid. This original treasure hunt sends children in search of a series of fantastic animals, characters and symbols, including the omnipresent emblem of the city: the Bear and Tree.

Prado for Children

Discovering Art at the Prado through a treasure hunt. This interactive visit is designed to foster children’s curiosity and stimulate their visual memory.

Mythology for Children

Myth and Reality: a Treasure Hunt. Discover the ancient stories told in classical Greece and Rome! This is a treasure hunt focused on Mythology at the Prado.

Thyssen for Children

Discovering Art at the Thyssen Museum. This interactive scavenger hunt is designed to encourage children to engage with art in a fun and educational way.

Archaeology for Children

Myth and Reality: a Treasure Hunt. In this interactive visit children will learn about artifacts used by ancient civilizations and together we will discuss childhood experiences across the millennia.


Prado Museum

This 3 hour Master Class will save you time trying to navigate the rooms and help you focus on key artworks.

Sorolla & Lazaro Galdiano Museums

We will explore two mansions that define urban architecture, art, and the creation of private collections in early twentieth-century Madrid

Thyssen Museum

The Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum houses one of the best private art collections in the world: a selection of artworks dating from the 14th to the 20th century.

Goya in Madrid

Turbulent Times and Modern Art. This tour analyzes the artistic production and personality of one of the most influential Spanish painters, Francisco de Goya.

Archaeological Museum

Treasures of Iberia: East meets West. A truly spectacular array of artistic treasures that make up the complex history of the land known as Spain.


Madrid in the Spanish Civil War

We reconstruct for you what the city centre looked like in the war with the help of photographs from that period and authentic materials recovered from that time, as well as a Madrid family's personal wartime story.

Rising Against Oppression

We explore the social changes that took place in Madrid between the age of Absolute Monarchy to the War of Independence from Napoleon’s occupying troops in 1808.
At Across Madrid, Dr. Cros delivers a unique experience, unlike any other tour you might have taken. You’ll be able to converse with a qualified academic during your exploration of the city, and so enrich your understanding of a wide range of cultural expressions and traditions in Madrid. We offer superb service, top-quality teaching and powerful, engaging insights.

You can book your walk in English, Spanish or Italian.