Archaeology for Children Tour from Across Madrid

Myth and Reality: a Treasure Hunt

Come with us to dig up the past! This interactive visit to the National Archaeological Museum is designed to encourage children to ask questions about daily life in different cultures, and to relate their everyday life to the experience of other people in the past.  Children will learn about artifacts used by ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians or the Iberians, and together we will discuss childhood experiences across the millennia.

We will walk by some stunning mosaics and shipwreck treasures as we watch out for mythical creatures such as griffons, sirens and sphinxes.  Children will learn about different religious practices and fantastic stories that have been passed on for hundreds of years....

A truly engaging learning experience for young children, this tour of the National Archaeological Museum is an overview of the collection, designed by Dr. Almudena Cros together with our consultant the archaeologist Saúl Martín González.   We have selected the most telling, original and important pieces in the collection that children can relate to.  This treasure hunt will be led by Almudena Cros, an Art History professor specialised in the Middle Ages (BA, MA, PhD Warwick University, UK) with over 10-years' experience working with children, creating and leading family tours in Italy and Spain.  Almudena lived in Italy for 4 years (Venice, Rome, Vicenza, Bologna) and has led educational trips across the city of Rome and the archaeological sites of Ostia Antica and Pompeii. 

Almudena has ample experience teaching children and introducing them to Art and History.  Dr. Cros has worked as a primary school teacher assistant at the American Elementary School in Benjamin Franklin Village (Mannheim), where she taught Spanish and History of Art through visual media, and also as a family art workshop docent at CaixaForum Madrid, where her position involved introducing Art History concepts to young children and stimulating their artistic creativity.  As a parent herself, she knows how to keep children engaged and focused throughout this treasure hunt.

Although this Museum visit is child-focused and is particularly appropriate for children up to 10 years of age, adults will find it equally fascinating.

Length: 2.5 hours. Maximum group size: 8 people.
Please note this is a private family tour and that there is no minimum number of participants, so single parents with a child are as welcome as larger family units.

50 euros for adults
40 euros for children under 18 (children under 4 free of charge)

Special offer:
For families including 2 adults and up to 4 children: 180 euros flat fee
For family units of up to 7 members, including 2 or more children: 220 euros flat fee

National Archaeological Museum entry fee: 3 euros per adult included in the price.

No hidden charges: 21% VAT included in our prices.

Please bring your passport to qualify for a free or reduced entrance fee to the museum (over 65 years old, children under 18 or students under 26 with a valid College or University ID)

Available days and starting times:
Please note that advance booking is required and that although we are flexible and can often accommodate last-minute bookings, it is best to book early to avoid disappointment.

These are our suggested days and times:
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays: starting at 10:00
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday: starting at 16:30
Due to the Museo Arqueológico Nacional’s opening times: this visit does not run on Mondays nor on Sundays or holidays in the afternoons.

Please note that our annual business closure takes place during the second half of August and no tours will be available between the 12 and 31 August.

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