Power to the People tour with Across Madrid

From the absolute monarchy to freedom

This 3-hour itinerary explores the Malasaña neighborhood, north of Gran Via, which was the backdrop for an important revolt against the occupying Napoleonic troops in 1808.

Our tour starts with a narrative over a cup of coffee to lay out the complexities of the period 1700-1900.  We will cover the 18th-century arrival of the Bourbon dynasty in Spain, while we glimpse what we consider the best example of Baroque architecture in Madrid. As we stroll through the working-class quarter of Malasaña, we will learn of local heroes and heroines who fronted the resistance against the occupying Napoleonic troops between 1808 and 1814. 

We will visit sites the main spots of action during the War of Independence (when the madrileños and madrileñas had a vital role in defending their freedom), we will drop by the Madrid History Museum and we will see the changing role of the working class as it shaped today’s freedom-loving city. 

Length: 3 hours. Maximum group size: 8 people.

Group tour prices
Please note that we can only run a group tour when we have a minimum of 2 people booking the tour. Price per person decreases according to the number of people booking:

2 people: 80 euros per adult
3 people: 70 euros per adult
4 people: 60 euros per adult
5 people: 55 euros per adult
6 to 8 people: 50 euros per adult

Private tour prices
If you would like a guaranteed private tour, a supplement of 50 euros will be added to the total price.
For example, the cost for a private tour for 2 people will be 160 plus 50 euros = 210 euros.
If you are a solo traveler and you want to book a group tour but nobody else signs up, we will run a private tour costing 160 euros
Family Special offer
For family units of up to 6 members, including 2 or more children under 18 years of age: 240 euros flat fee per family. This is a guaranteed private tour.
No hidden charges: 21% VAT is included in our prices

Available days and starting times:

Monday through Saturday: 10:00.

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday: 14:00.

* This tour does not run on Sundays.

Please note that advance booking is required.  As a very small company, we can rarely accommodate last-minute bookings, particularly during the high season.  It is best to book early to avoid disappointment.

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