Madrid Tours from Across Madrid

As a person of the left and a great fan of Orwell, the Spanish Civil War has been something always in the background but that i have never got my head around. The first attempt to put into practice anarchism. A text book case in Stalinist manipulation and brutality. Also the success of a brutal dictator. Whether it is correct to call Franco a fascist is something that can be debated.

So coming to Spain for the first time I decided to try to learn something about the war. I searched for walking tours relating to it. I found this one and as it was recommended by the Orwell Society and the Abraham Lincoln brigade I had to take it.

Almu is deeply passionate about her topic. She is extremely informed and informing. I enjoyed the journey immensely and look forward to the email from her full of homework.

If you are interested in left politics don't miss this.

Brisbane, Australia
August 2016