Madrid Tours from Across Madrid

Almudena met us in the Puerta del Sol in the morning, and spent over four hours (including a brief break to recharge with a coffee) taking us around the city while pointing out various landmarks of the Spanish Civil War. She gave a clear and interesting description of the war in Madrid that I enjoyed.

She is knowledgeable enough to customize the visit for someone who knows a lot about the topic or someone who has just had their curiosity piqued recently.

She has a definite viewpoint about the war and politics, and her forthrightness with regard to that was welcome. It also gave the tour a more profound meaning, as her passion for the topic was clear.

Almudena was also flexible and helpful with regard to scheduling, and sent me an excellent list of films and books to further my knowledge of the Spanish Civil War.

I would highly recommend this tour!

Lynn O
July 2016